Top 7 reasons to get back to work:

Financial: Enhanced unemployment is not going to last forever. The benefits are set to expire September 6, and we are expecting the best jobs to be filled by them. You have the power today – use it to your advantage. Start interviewing now. You may be able to negotiate a better salary, more flex schedule and work from home time. Act while you have leverage and get the job of your dreams while it is available.

Emotional: There is pride in work, and there is also structure. Having a regular schedule forces us to get everything done before and after work time. Have you noticed: tasks expand to the time allocated to them. Having that purpose influences you in many ways beyond your employment goals.

Career: At some point that gap in your resume is going to be counted against you. All of us have not finished our novels or produced our courses during Covid. How are you going to explain it.

Family: Your children are returning to school. We get it. Caregiving and Home Schooling has been your full time job. You want to be able to provide them an example of an adult that has balance in their life.

Social: You kind of miss your coworkers. We all need to have a variety of social interaction in our lives. The culture has been improved by companies who have had to try new things to keep employees engaged.

The New Office could be More Fun: Truly, employers have gotten a bit smarter about those horrible hour-long meetings. Shorter trainings (some virtual) are going to be part of your new normal.

Workspaces are bigger. Cubicle farms are on the way out. Many workplaces are much nicer and spaced further apart.