Rules & Regulations

  • All reservations require payment per contract terms. Atrium Room reservations require prepayment. All unpaid reservations will be released 30 days prior to the event. For recruiters that sign up for multiple event dates, invoices will be sent 60 days prior to the event, net 30 terms. For multi-event discounts to apply, payment needs to be made by Feb 15th for all events reserved in the calendar year.
  • Recruiters with a history of repeat cancellations or no-show/no-pay will be required to pre-pay future reservations to be fair for the placement of all recruiters on the floor plan.
  • Recruiter Tables should be staffed throughout the event. Albany Job Fair staffers are available to help out if you need to leave your table to go interview prospective candidates. If you need to leave the event early, please do not block any aisle and be aware of your surroundings and job seeker foot traffic while moving out during show hours. If you are going to be late for set up or need to cancel last minute, please let staff know (email or text Darcy 518-366-1707) so we can adjust the floor plan. Any tables that remain unoccupied at 9:30am are subject to be filled to maintain the full floorplan and complete set up as early as possible to protect foot traffic. If you end up losing your original table, we will get you into another table so you can still recruit all day.
  • Exhibitor tables are all 6′ in length. Hall tables and specified conference room tables are classroom-depth to allow for unrestricted access. Space between tables varies. If you need additional distancing or space for a larger backdrop please contact staff in advance of your registration to make sure we can accommodate your needs. The building is fully handicap accessible and the event is all on one floor with a ramp between rooms. Wifi is provided free of charge, all tables will have access to electrical service. Your table, 2 chairs, skirting and cloth are provided. If you need additional chairs please let us know (no charge) so we can have them at your table ahead of opening of the event. The Albany Job Fair provides coffee service all day, continental breakfast from 7a-9a, 2 lunches per table, and snacks for all recruiters. Addition lunch tickets can be reserved at $10 each. The Executive Conference Room is available for interview space all day.
  • Liability for loss, theft, property damage or destruction and personal injury: Exhibitor/Recruiting Company hereby waives any and all claims against the Albany Job Fair management, their agents or representatives resulting from loss, theft, damage, or destruction to its property, or from personal injuries to it, its agents, and/or employees. Exhibitor assumes full and complete responsibility for any damage that may occur when moving exhibit material in or out of the facility, or destruction of property of others, or exhibitors participating in the job fair. Exhibitor hereby waives any right of indemnification which it may have against the show management, their agent or representatives for any and all claims arising from exhibiting.
  • Insurance: It is expressly acknowledged that the Albany Job Fair has not purchased insurance of any kind for the benefit of the exhibitor, nor is it under any obligation to do so.
  • Please note that Exhibitors/Recruiter must use measures to protect the exhibit hall, tables, chairs, and floors from all damage.  Aisles cannot be blocked with signage or any materials during the event. All electronics must conform to the state and/or city fire regulations. All draperies or other fabrics must be fireproofed before the decoration of any exhibit. Electrical wiring of all devices must conform with the National Electrical Code Safety Rules. Power strips are provided so you will have access to electricity from every table.
  • The Albany Job Fair will not be liable for the fulfillment of this lease as to delivery of space if non delivery is due to any of the following causes by reason of: the building being destroyed by fire, acts of God, strikes, the authority of the law, or for any other causes beyond the Albany Job Fair’s control. Your company representatives or your agents shall be held jointly, collectively and individually responsible for any and all debts incurred, for all exhibit costs, fees or changes.
  • Exhibits and Public Policy: Recruiter is charged with knowledge of all laws, ordinance and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety, while participating in this showing. Compliance with such laws is mandatory for all exhibitors and sole responsibility is that of the exhibitor.
  • Soliciting is strictly forbidden during the Albany Job Fair. Violation of this regulation will result in removal from the premises by onsite law enforcement.
  • Raffles, contests, or drawings appropriately relating to an exhibit are allowed when no money changes hands. Under laws governing games of chance, every exhibitor operating games of chance, lotteries, etc., is charged with the knowledge of national, state, and local legal restrictions on such operations.

The Albany Job Fair reserves the right to modify the floor plan at any time. Table assignments may be adjusted at the discretion of the Albany Job Fair.  All points covered herein are subject to settlement by the Albany Job Fair.