Lisbeth Calandrino

Lisbeth Calandrino has the strategies for your business success.

The key is to differentiate your company from the competitors and build profitable connections with customers. Lisbeth has been described as a charismatic, content-rich speaker and regularly presents at national conferences, workshops and seminars.
Seminar: The New Networking will explore how you can get more value from your connects, for job search and business development.
Lisbeth’s Story
Lisbeth Calandrino has been an entrepreneur since the age of six. Under the influence of her father, she learned the value of customer service, a practice that was  so embedded into his business that people would often say: “Once Tony’s customer, always Tony’s customer.” A student of her father’s hard work and aspirations, Lisbeth took his guidance and created her own entrepreneurship with the development of seven carpet and furniture stores.  Today, Lisbeth shares these life and business experiences through her speaking engagements and training sessions.