Northwestern Mutual

Matthew Haye, Financial Advisor
518-692-7920 (phone)

I grew up in the greater Albany area and pursued my studies at the University of Albany. Hard work has been instilled in me as a young child, so I continued working through college in order to pay for my education. Growing up in a working middle class family I learned early on the value of a good work ethic and commitment. I am privileged to have found a career with Northwestern Mutual where I can utilize my strong work ethic while fulfilling my dream of helping people. Outside of Northwestern Mutual I am also very involved with the Capital Region community. I am the President and Founder of H.E.L.L.O Albany, an organization with the mission of creating happy, healthy futures for our local communities, businesses and ourselves.

Jonathan Hernandez, Financial Advisor
518-785-4141 (phone)
[email protected]

As with everything in life, financial planning is a fluid process. I pride myself on working closely with clients who want a successful financial plan for years to come. I will continue to work with them as their careers, businesses and families grow; to ensure those plans still meet their needs and works for their financial goals.

Building professional and reliable relationships with my clients has afforded me opportunities to meet with entrepreneurs, business owners large and small, and many other high level professionals. As my network continues to grow, I also enjoy becoming a resource for my clients in a multitude of ways.

I welcome the opportunity to get together for a high value meeting to discover how you can reach your financial goals.

We are working on finalizing the seminar topic and I will get that to you soon