Carrie Will

Building Confidence and Relieving Stress

Job seeking can add stress to your life. An excess of stress to your life can add aches and pains, trouble sleeping and a host of other stress related ailments. While finding a job is a very important part of taking care of yourself, managing stress during this stressful time is just as important.

You will learn some simple techniques to manage stress through yogic breathing and meditation. We will also discuss some very simple yogic postures to lower stress levels and improving confidence, which will help boost you up for your interview process or get your through any stressful event in your life.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, scientists have been studying for a handful but the results are in and it really works. While this is an interactive talk, no special clothing or knowledge of yoga or meditation required. Simply come with an open mind, even if your mind is a bit stressed at the moment.


Carrie Will

Carrie Will is the founder of Yoga Care, the Capital Region’s traveling yoga studio, as well as an instructor. She is a Kripalu trained, certified and registered, yoga teacher who received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2008 and has been teaching proudly ever since. She is well versed and well studied in the Kripalu tradition and has assisted programs and teacher trainings at the Kripalu Center where she gained a wider understanding of yoga philosophy. Carrie is currently on her way to receiving her 500hr advanced teaching certificate. With many hours of study and practice under her belt, Carrie uses her creativity and compassion to build yoga classes on the spot to suit the needs of her students. Her specialty has become teaching yoga to people in recovery. Whether the person in front of her is recovering from addiction or injury or both, Carrie finds great pleasure in tailoring the yoga she teaches to best reach and serve the client she’s working with.

Carrie’s approach to teaching yoga is deeply rooted in empathy and compassion. She believes that yoga satisfies a core human need to be seen and she teaches people how to see and accept themselves for who they are. She has a gentle approach to yoga and especially loves teaching beginners.

Carrie Will
Founder, Yoga Care
Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor

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