Candy Marrero

Candy MarreroCandy Marrero is an Employee Benefits Specialist who’s started WORKSITE BENEFITS 2004.

Worksite Benefits is a SERVICE AGENCY, located in Troy NY.  Candy and her staff of 5 concentrate on providing customer service to employer groups and their staff on all employee benefits, i.e., health insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and supplemental benefits.

Candy got her start in health insurance by working for a large local carrier where she was on the front lines in a call center answering phones and providing customer service to people who were calling in asking about their benefits.  Candy was promoted many times over the years and ultimately ended up being a Benefits Trainer for the same company.

One training job Candy held was doing orientation training for everyone who was hired, but the next promotion was a job that was created for Candy where she had her own training department, created her own curriculum and conducted a 3-week training class for all people hired for the call center.

Candy believes this experience has given her a distinctive advantage in not only understanding the plans in ways that her competitors do not, but also in the ability to educate/articulate the options to the employer groups and their employees.

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About the seminar:

The purpose of this training will be to provide information for people turning 65 in a simplified and understandable way.  When they leave this training, they will have a clear understanding of how it all works, what to do with all of those sales flyers and also, they will know how to avoid any penalties.  If you or someone you know is turning 65 between now and January 1, 2022, you should most definitely attend this training class. 

MEDICARE TRAINING SESSION (this is not a SALES pitch — no one will try to you anything).  The purpose of this training is to provide information to anyone turning 65 in the near future.  What happens when someone approaches 65is that they start getting bombarded with sales information — so much so, that people become confused and overwhelmed.  They receive flyers and booklets and show costs all over the place.  Then people are bombarded by scary stuff about penalties and most people become confused very anxious about it all. Sign up Link

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